Teaser Tuesday #1

This is something I used to do on my old blog. (And by “used to do” I mean I did it like three times and then stopped because I sucked at updating … but hopefully that won’t happen this time!) Basically I’ll just be posting a short “teaser” from my WIP once a week (on Tuesdays) and … that’s it. Pretty simple!

So, without further ado, here is this week’s snippet from I Chose the Monster:


“Ha!” I hear a voice say behind me, out of nowhere––a liquid cry of triumph. Someone clutches at the back of my shirt so roughly that their fingernails scrape my skin.

I bite back a scream as I turn my head to see my attacker. My eyes fall on the horrible mask of a face––dark skin wrinkling at the corners of black eyes, mouth stretched into a menacing grin. The Mort is much taller than I am, and as she stares down at me I suddenly feel as small as an insect. I try to wrench myself away, at the same time the creature pushes me …

We’re on the ground, her hands at my throat, nails scraping at the skin on the back of my neck. Dark spots fly across my vision and I don’t know what’s happening or what I’m doing––just that I’m screaming, kicking and struggling with all the force I have in my body.

The woman is frail enough that I’m finally able to push her off me and roll to my hands and knees. As I look up again, I see her in an animalistic crouching position, glaring back at me with bloodthirsty eyes. She cries out in rage as she pounces for me––and I don’t have enough time to defend myself before the weight of her body slams into mine and her hands are clutching for my throat again. The force of the impact pushes me backwards, and the back of my head cracks against something hard––a gravestone, probably. Stars burst in my eyes and for a horrible moment my mind seems to be torn from my body … my limbs are numb … I can’t move …


[Insert suspenseful music here: DUNH DUNH DUNHHH.]


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