WIPMarathon Check-In #3

Last Word Count & Chapter Count:

WC: 79,804
CC: 29

Current WC & CC (or SC):

WC: 84,296
CC: 30

*Ashamed face* Acck I know, I didn’t do that great. Hopefully I can step it up in the next few weeks because I want to get this first draft done soon …

WIP Issues this week:

Obviously motivation was a problem for me this week. I haven’t written in like … three days, and I don’t really have a good excuse. I’ve just been feeling really discouraged and overwhelmed lately, but hopefully I can get over it.

In particular I think I’ve been worrying a lot about how likable my characters are. I think the problem is that I know a lot about my central characters but it’s hard to get it down on paper without info-dumping and whatnot. I also have a lot of secondary characters who I don’t know that much about and I’m afraid they’re going to come off as boring and/or unlikable. I know I can always go back and flesh them out more later, but I’ve still been stressing out about it.

What I learned this week in writing:

That I need to stop worrying about all the tiny details when I’m still on my first draft. One of my biggest writer-flaws is that I always think ahead too much … Even when I’m writing a rough draft I put too much pressure on myself to make it perfect, when I know that’s impossible. I know there are a lot of flaws in my WIP, but that’s something I can face when I’m in the revision stages. At the moment, the most important thing is to get through this first draft––especially because it’s been taking me so long!

What distracted me this week while writing:

Mostly stupid things on the internet like Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, CuteOverload … Haha. I’ve also been stressing out a bit about my upcoming college semester, and when I get stressed out I start feeling kind of anxious/depressed which makes it harder for me to feel motivated. But after angsting for a few days, I feel better and I think this semester is going to be fine … And I also feel a bit more confident about getting this draft done, so hopefully it’ll only take me a few more weeks or so.

Last 200 words:

I seem to have settled into a state where I barely allow myself to think or feel anything anymore. Whenever I start to worry, I just squash it down into the recesses of my mind and try to forget where I am and what’s happening. The reality is just too difficult to accept.

A few minutes pass, and I find myself going into an almost meditative state. My eyes look forward but don’t see anything. The silence fills my ears until it’s a loud roar that seems to fill my skull.

Then I hear something behind me––the door opening. When I quickly turn around, I see it’s Gavin coming out of the store. I immediately straighten up, as if I don’t want to be caught looking lazy, although I don’t know why it would matter.

“Sorry,” Gavin says, smiling as he walks towards me. “I didn’t mean to scare you or anything.”

“Oh, you didn’t,” I say, crossing my arms again. “I was just … you know, thinking.”

He stops next to me, surveying the parking lot. When we’re standing side by side, it makes me realize just how tall he is.

“I hope I’m not bothering you,” he says.


14 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #3

  1. Thinking about school and plans gets me anxious too and I was there this week, which was why I didn’t write anything until Thursday.
    I know that need to be close-to-perfect during the first draft, if only to save us from the unforgiving clutches of massive rewrites. I tried to escape that last year. But I came to accept the truth that my first draft was me writing for myself, trying to know my world and characters better. And my second draft’s better for it now. Not perfect, but closer to what I’m aiming for.
    So don’t stress it, write to the end first. And things would be clearer.
    Good luck next week!

    1. My semester starts on Wednesday and I still need to sign up for at least one more class … but I think I’ve found an opening in a class I want to take so hopefully it works out! *Fingers crossed*

      Yes, exactly! I’m always trying to write an awesome first draft so that I won’t have to do a ridiculous amount of rewriting later––but I think that, no matter what, all that rewriting is inevitable. So I need to stop stressing out about it so much. 😉

      Thanks––good luck to you too!

  2. I know what you mean about stressing too much over a first draft – I’m such a perfectionist, it’s impossible for me to get as many words down as some writers manage because I keep worrying about every detail! Sometimes it’s best just to get the draft done, then you can fix all the issues in edits. 🙂 Here’s to not stressing out!

  3. Likable characters – I have a hard time making likable female characters. I don’t know why. They’re just a little annoying, I’m afraid. Maybe.
    Have a nice start into your new semester! 🙂

    1. I worry about the same thing. I feel like a lot of my female characters are really similar (the kind of angsty, pissed-off type … haha). And I’m afraid it gets repetitive/annoying. But hopefully we’re both wrong about our characters. 😛

      Thank you!

  4. You can add me to the thinking way too far ahead category. It’s so try though that the first draft is not when we need to worry about things. It’s a working progress. 🙂
    I use to worry about the likeability of some of my characters, but once I started making sure everyone had personalities of their own before I even start, this becomes less and less of an issue.

    I like Gavin by the way. ^_^

    1. Sounds like it’s a problem for a lot of us! 😉 But yes, it’s best not to worry too much until after the first draft is done.

      I try to outline all my characters before I write about them, but then I’m still worried that their personalities don’t come across enough. But hopefully I’m just being paranoid…

      Hooray! 😀 I like him too. And I’m happy I finally got to introduce him into the story, because it took a while for him to show up, haha.

  5. Going with the flow of any draft (though especially the first) can be so difficult, but I’m hopeful this is something that gets easier in time, with each new story. Glad you’re feeling better now about the upcoming semester, and hope you have a great week ahead!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been through a lot of first drafts and it seems to actually get harder with each one, haha … maybe because the more I write, the more I also learn about the editing process so I know what to expect! But hopefully someday I won’t be as overwhelmed by it. 😉

  6. I hope you do get super motivated and finish your draft soon!

    I was hung up on perfection with my first draft of this story, to the point where I felt really paralyzed most times. The funny thing is, it didn’t help me AT ALL. Argh. I hope I manage it better with the rewrite.

    I don’t know what CuteOverload is, but I’m guessing from the title that I should stay away unless I want to another excuse to not work on my WIP. 🙂

    Nice excerpt! Best of luck next week.

    1. Thank you! I know the feeling … I get really hung up on perfection to the point where I tend to just totally lose faith in my stories. But it really doesn’t help, as you said. 😛 I hope you have better luck with your rewrites!

      Haha yes … CuteOverload is basically just a blog of pictures/videos of cute animals. It’s very distracting. 😀

  7. I think your word progress looks great! But I know that feeling of setting goals and not reaching them. Great excerpt and great insight into what you’re thinking about when your writing. We’re always learning new ways to make our writing better. It sounds like you’re struggles will only make your story better.

    I love cuteoverload! ❤

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