Teaser Tuesday #4

Teaser Tuesday is upon us again! Wow … has it really been a week already? Well, here’s another little excerpt from I Chose the Monster. Also, hopefully I will have another post up very soon. Happy Tuesday!


Juliet’s voice cuts calmly through his. “It’s not your fault.”

“But it is.” He stands up straight, gripping the rail, still not looking at either of us. “I was too caught up in … I don’t know. Fighting. Trying to survive. I should’ve been looking out for him, for everyone.”

“We’re all just trying to survive,” Juliet says, after a moment of silence. “Don’t blame yourself for wanting to stay alive.”

Gavin says nothing. Somehow, I doubt that Juliet will be able to get through to him. And she probably knows that. But what else is there to say?

“I said I’d keep us all alive,” he says at last, his voice so quiet I can barely hear what he’s saying. “I kept promising them …”

“And you really thought you could keep that promise forever?” Juliet cuts him off. “It’s impossible. Either the Morts get us first or the disease does. We can only do so much.”

“No,” Gavin says. Now he lets go of the railing, takes a step away from it and turns to face us. “I can’t––I can’t think like that.”

Juliet shrugs, crosses her arms. “That’s the way it is.”

“But I …” Gavin stops, shakes his head. “I need it to be … more. I need there to be some kind of reason for all of this. Maybe it’s stupid, but …” At that he trails off, looking off into the distance again.

Juliet keeps staring at him. “It’s not stupid,” she says.

The sincerity in her voice surprises me––not that I expected her to be cruel or anything, I just didn’t expect her to say anything at all, I guess.

“I think that’s what we’re all trying to do,” she goes on, although now she’s looking away from Gavin again. “Find some kind of reason. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here.”


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