Teaser Tuesday #5

My first teaser of the month! Hooray! I’ve been aiming to write 645 words per day––which I know seems random, but I’m aiming for a total of 20,000 words this month. I’ve also been trying to write earlier in the day rather than later. I did meet my goal for the first two days of the month, but today and yesterday I didn’t get anything done––partly out of business, and partly out of laziness. Hopefully I will catch up tomorrow!

So, I haven’t written a ton this week, and what I have written isn’t extremely thrilling (although I’m about to get to a good part!), so here is just a very short snippet. Enjoy! I hope to have another post up within the next few days.


I don’t feel like going back to sleep, so I quietly ease the door open and step out onto the balcony. It’s so quiet out here. No cars, no shouting, no music playing, nothing. I fold my arms on the balcony railing and rest my chin on top of them. With my eyes closed, I try to bring the city back to life in my mind––full of lights and vibrance, full of activity and laughter. I try to imagine it as anything other than the empty shell it’s become.

But I feel like I’m already starting to forget the way things were. I’m forgetting what it was like just to walk down a crowded sidewalk in the middle of the day, to admire the shiny displays in the windows, to look both ways before crossing the street. I never even thought I would miss things like that.


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