Monthly Writing Update: May 2014 / BEA ’14!

*Long sigh* I know, I’ve been so horrible at updating for the past couple of months. I was so busy because of finals and stuff. Then my past few weeks have been insanely busy even though I’m on break from school now. So as for my writing update for May … I don’t have much to report. My mind has just been all over the place lately and I really wasn’t doing much writing or keeping track of how many words I was writing … but I’d guess that I wrote less than 2k words this month. So uh, I haven’t been doing so hot.

But my schedule for June isn’t as ridiculously hectic as it was for May, so I’m hoping that I’ll finally have time to finish my first draft of I Chose the Monster … I’m going to try to write every day this month, even if it’s just two words a day. Even though I’ve been busy I’m pretty frustrated with how unproductive I’ve been and I really need to finish this draft.

But in happier news … I went to BookExpo America this past weekend!

I only attended one day on Friday (which was the children’s/YA day) but it was an amazing day. I took a 5 hour bus ride to NYC on Thursday (and was proud of myself because goodness gracious am I terrified of traveling alone, but I did it). I met my friend and her mother there, and we got to stay at Barnard College overnight for free (because they were letting librarians stay there for free and my friend and her mom are both librarians so yay!). So I slept in some random empty dorm room which was kind of weird, but it was free! And I had a cool view of the city from my window.


Ooooh ahhhh!

The next day we got up at 6 AM to take the subway to the convention center. We wanted to get there early because there are a bunch of authors that you need to get tickets to see and you can get them for free if you get there early enough. Unfortunately they ran out of tickets for Rick Riordan and Stan Lee right as we got there (noooooo) but oh well. We still had a fantastic day ahead of us!

We went to the author breakfast, where we ate bagels and heard a few children’s authors speak––Kate DiCamillo, Mem Fox, Carl Hiaasen, and Jeff Kinney. Also Jason Segel was the “master of ceremonies” or whatever and he talked also and that was awesome! They were all super funny and it was a great time. At the end, my friend I went up to the stage because Jason Segel was still standing up there and people were trying to take selfies with him and whatnot so he was posing for photos and whatnot and it was kind of crazy. Then he was signing things and was like, “Whose pen is this?” And no one claimed it so he put it down on the stage … and my friend and I took it because we’re creepy. Here it is.


Behold! The pen touched by Jason Segel! (It’s a really weird pen too … It’s like, flat for some reason … ?)

After that we went upstairs to the floor where all the publishers’ booths and author signings were. A lot of the day consisted of running around grabbing free books and waiting in long lines to meet authors … IT WAS AWESOME. We waited like an hour to meet Jason Segel because he was signing for this new children’s book he co-wrote with Kirsten Miller. But we finally made it through the line and we met him. I had no idea what to say because my brain was just like “Oh my God it’s Jason Segel right in front of my face, what.” And then he was like, “Nice hair! It matches the color of the book cover.” (Because my hair and the book cover are both dark blue, haha.) And I was like “Haha thank you, yes it does.” And then I didn’t know what to say so yeah that was it. But JASON SEGEL SAID MY HAIR WAS NICE, AAAHHHH. *Fangirls*

We also waited in a super long line to meet Jeff Kinney, and David Mitchell (who also said my hair was cool so woohoo!). And we waited in yet another long line to meet Scott Westerfeld, who is one of my favorite authors in the world so I was really excited. We got there like 45 minutes early and found some other people who were trying to start an unofficial line to wait to meet him, and that was an adventure. We had to wait a really long time before the line even started moving––but it was cool because there was free beer (and I didn’t even get carded for once in my life even though I look like I’m 12, wow) and we bonded with the people in line around us so it was a good time!

Then we met Scott Westerfeld at last and got copies of his new book! And when he asked me about my blog (since my badge said I was a blogger) he was like, “Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard of your blog.” (My book review blog that is, not this blog.) So of course I was like, “OMG WHAT? REALLY?” because one of my favorite authors ever apparently knows about my review blog … ?! I mean, maybe he was mistaken and confused it for another blog? But … I’ll just believe that he’s actually heard of me before because that’s really cool. Plus it was amazing to meet him and get a signed ARC of his new book, yaaay!

We met a bunch of other authors and lots of cool librarians and book reviewers and whatnot. Also at the end of the day we went to this talk about a book that’s going to be a movie soon, which Tina Fey and Jason Bateman are in––and they were both there, so that was really cool! Unfortunately we had to leave early, but we saw most of it. (And then my bus home was an hour late so we totally could have stayed the whole time, but oh well.)

I tried to keep this concise but it still ended up being really long, oops. (Just like everything I write, haha.) Anyway, point is … BEA was amazing! But I’m also glad that I don’t have a lot to do during June because that gives me plenty of time to write. Let’s get this first draft done, woot woot!