A Bit of Good News

Hey guys! I just wanted to share something kinda cool that happened this week. It’s not super exciting, but I’m still trying to see it as a good accomplishment.

A while ago, I applied to be a writer-in-residence at the Boston Public Library (in other words, I would’ve gotten paid to go to the library and write every day) which of course sounded AMAZING. So, even in the crazy midst of finishing my senior project, I decided to put together an application and send it in super last-minute.

This was like 2-3 months ago, and at this point, having heard nothing back from them, I kinda assumed they had already chosen someone and that I wasn’t going to hear back from them. Then, a few days ago, they emailed me with some news.

The bad news is that I didn’t get the position. But the good news is, I was really close. Even though I didn’t win, I was one of twelve finalists and they said they were really impressed with my work. *Blushes* So that was good to hear!

It does kinda suck that I was so, so close and didn’t get it––but I’m trying to see this as a sign that I just need to keep trying. I have been in and out of huge writing slumps lately, and I’ve lost a ton of confidence in my work over the past few years. I’m trying really hard to get over my fear of failure and just keep going. And it’s little accomplishments like this that remind me it’s worth it. I may not have made it yet, but at least I know I have potential. If I actually put in effort and find the courage to submit it, I will hopefully get somewhere.

So, that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot this week. It’s given me a bit of a boost of confidence, which I really need right now as I’m trying to finish up my first draft of I Chose the Monster (I know I said I was going to finish it ages ago, but I’m almost done, I swear!).

What about you guys? What have you been working on lately? Have you recently submitted your writing anywhere? Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


7 thoughts on “A Bit of Good News

  1. Nice! The only real way to get better at writing is to keep doing it, so hang in there! I know all about putting projects on the back burner and going back to them later. Just this summer I put aside my main project to enter something new into a novella contest (web serial format), and am excitedly watching my rankings rise. Sometimes it’s a big boost in confidence, and other times a drag that I’m not rising faster. All depends on the day.

  2. Haha, I’m trying to finish a particularly difficult sci-fi book I’ve been working on since November. It doesn’t want to end! Afterwards, I’m going to focus in some revision for another book.

    I recently graduated too, and it’s difficult not to worry about stuff and keep writing. But I’m doing my best to push on.

    I wish you luck finishing your story 😀

    1. I totally relate––it’s so hard trying to balance writing and … the rest of your life. Since graduation I’ve been very stressed out about trying to find work and whatnot, but I also don’t want to fall behind on my writing. Thank you, and I wish you luck as well!

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