Adventures at Boston Book Festival!

First of all, I can’t believe October is already ending! I haven’t gotten much writing done these past few weeks because I’ve been busy planning for NaNoWriMo. But I will try to have this month’s WIPMarathon post up tomorrow. And I will also share some details about my NaNo novel! 🙂

Anyway … Last weekend, some of my friends and I went to Boston Book Festival! It’s a free book festival that takes place in Boston every fall, and it’s a super awesome event and a lot of cool authors come.

The first talk we went to was Libba Bray! I got to meet her and see her speak at an event like five years ago, and it was really exciting to see her again. She’s one of my favorite authors in the world and she’s a great speaker.


She talked a lot about her latest series, The Diviners (which is amazing!) and it was so interesting to hear about all the research that went into it. She also said some wonderful, thought-provoking things about writing in general.

One thing that really stuck with me: she said that she would never tell a reader what they “should” take away from one of her stories. She said that if someone came up to her and said they loved how her book depicted the invention of the bikini, she wouldn’t correct them––because if that’s what they got out of it and that’s what’s important to them, that’s what really matters.

After the talk, one of my friends and I stood in line to meet Libba. We were near the back of the line, and as she came up the aisle to walk to the table she walked past us and we were fangirling a little (okay, a lot). And she took us both by the arm and was like “AAHHH” and we were like “AAAHHHH” as if we were old friends reuniting after a long time. 😛 And she was like, “Come say hi to me!”

So we did! It was a long line, but we finally got to the table and got to talk to her. We told her about how we partly became friends because of her books (since one of our first conversations was about how we both love the Gemma Doyle trilogy). And then we took a picture with her! She was like, “We should do something scary because it’s almost Halloween. Zombies???!!!” And we were like, “Sure!” 😀



Later in the day, we went to another great panel with Andrew Smith, Matt de la Peña, Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. It was a really, really great conversation. I had feared it would be kind of a “how do u write for boys??!!” thing––but all the authors had very insightful things to say about how they don’t just write “for boys,” how important representation is, how it’s important to talk to teenagers about real-life issues, etc. Initially I had just gone to see Andrew Smith, but I left wanting to read all the authors’ books and I was so glad I got to attend the panel.

And afterward I also got to meet Andrew Smith!!!! I was super excited to meet him and he was really nice in person. Unfortunately it was a pretty long and fast-moving line, and I had to leave in kind of a rush, but it was still awesome. 🙂


!!!!!!!!!!! (I look dumb and sweaty but oh well)

And thus concludes my post about BBF!

How about you guys? Have you been to any cool book festivals and/or met any of your favorite authors?


6 thoughts on “Adventures at Boston Book Festival!

  1. Isn’t the Boston Book Festival where we both once saw each other but didn’t approach each other because we’d never met in person before? And then like a year later we actually met for real in Boston?

    I really didn’t like the Gemma Doyle trilogy, but I was blown away by The Diviners. I have to read the next book.

    I’m realizing this has been a really good year for me for meeting authors. I’ve met Rebecca Hahn, Jamie Ford, and my editor (who writes YA too). But the best was probably meeting Rachel Hartman. Have you read Seraphina? I’m a little bit obsessed with it.

    1. Yes, it was!!!! I remember I thought I saw you at a couple events but I didn’t say hi because I wasn’t sure it was you. 😀 But I’m glad we did get to actually meet!

      Ahhhh I love both series a lot. And yes definitely read the second Diviners book, it’s awesome! 🙂

      I’m reading Seraphina right now, actually! It’s super good so far. 😀 That’s awesome that you got to meet her. I’ve also had a pretty good streak with meeting authors over the past few years. I never know what to say to them though! On the inside I’m always like “omg your books have made me laugh and cry and you inspire me so much” and then on the outside I’m like, “um hi your books are good ah haha bye.” 😛

  2. Ahhh, what a coincidence that you’re reading Seraphina now! I seriously love that book. In some ways it feels like it was written exactly for someone like me. It might even be my favorite book ever, if I had to choose (for a long time, that honor was held by His Dark Materials). I know what you mean about meeting authors! I never manage to say exactly what I want to.

    1. I know! Haha yes I see what you mean, it does kind of remind me of your book in some ways. 😀 Ahh yes I love His Dark Materials too, and I’ve been meaning to re-read those since I haven’t read them in like ten years. Right? I’m always just so starstruck, haha.

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