NaNoWriMo 2015: Week Two

Ah, the dreaded Week Two––when the shiny new story starts to lose its shininess, when you start to worry that your ideas are stupid and your writing is terrible, when you start slipping behind and losing all hope … Haha. Ha. *Cries*

Current WC/CC: 19,343 words / 8 chapters

Progress Since Last Week: 8,344 words / 2 chapters

How It’s Going: 

Uhhh well I’m supposed to be at 25k words since today is the halfway point, so I am more than 5k words behind. *Screams* I’ve been slacking off quite a lot this week, and even though I was busy doing some things, I had enough free time that I don’t really have a good excuse. I think I got over-confident the first week because I was staying on schedule pretty well, and now I’m … not. But I’m really hoping I can catch up today or tomorrow. I just need to set my mind to it.

Besides being behind in my word count, though, things are going pretty well. My story is not perfect, of course, but I’ve been exploring even more subplots and introducing new characters this week and it’s been fun so far. I’m a little nervous about the next two weeks because I don’t have much of an outline to work with, so I might need to plan a bit more. Buuuut I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

An Excerpt From This Week: 

The man kept a hand perched on the bookshelf, and looked up with an expression of mild irritation. “This is not the first grave robbery to be reported this week. I’d be surprised if it was even the first one reported today.”

Now Lena felt like she was about to lose her temper as her father had, but she tried to keep her voice civil. “What do you mean?”

The man sighed, returning to his chair and sitting down. “You mean you haven’t heard? Body-snatching has become a bit of a sport, lately.” He said it so lightly, Lena wondered if it was a joke. But since he didn’t laugh or otherwise indicate he was lying, she took that to mean he was being serious.

When father and daughter merely stared at him in shock, the man went on. “There have been reports of grave robberies all over the city lately.” He leaned forward, pressing his fingers into a temple. “These groups of men calling themselves ‘resurrectionists’ are digging up bodies and giving them to medical schools.”

Lena frowned. “Resurrectionists?” she repeated.

The man smirked. “Rather self-righteous, isn’t it?”

And that’s all for today, folks! Hopefully I can catch up within the next few days, and I hope weeks three and four will go more smoothly than this one. (Haha, yeah right.)

Also, I realize I totally forgot about Music Monday last week, but I will be sure to do one tomorrow. 🙂

My fellow NaNo-ers: How’s it going?


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015: Week Two

  1. Body snatching? So your story has a kind of ‘Burke and Hare’ vibe? (Though I guess they weren’t body snatchers) Sounds like your new subplots could be very interesting and weird.

    I am just barely over 25k, so hopefully I can keep up. I never have days where I write more than 2000 so if I fall behind more than a couple of days I don’t know if I could catch up.

    1. Yes, kind of related to Burke and Hare but a bit earlier (I think?). 😀

      That’s great! I can write a lot in one day if I really set my mind to it, but it’s a bit exhausting. I’m going to try to write a ton today, though––I figure it’s better to catch up now than to have like 10k to write on the last day of NaNo (which has happened to me far too many times, haha).

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