NaNoWriMo: Week Three

I can’t believe we’re already heading into the last week of NaNo already! I feel like I just started my novel, and yet it’s crazy to think how much it’s changed and how much progress I’ve already made since the beginning.

Current WC/CC: 33,684 words / 14 chapters

Progress Since Last Week: 14,341 words / 6 chapters

How It’s Going:

Wow, I did so much better this week than I did last week. That’s partly due to the fact that, on Wednesday, I wrote nearly 6k words in one day. It was crazy and a lot of work, but I finally got myself back on schedule.

I’ve gotten really into doing “word crawls,” which are series of challenges people post on the NaNoWriMo forums, and they usually have some kind of fun theme. Right now I’m working on the “Extreme Harry Potter Crawl” which has been very helpful to me so far!

Today I’m a little behind, and now it’s nearly 5 PM and I haven’t written anything yet, but I plan to change that very soon. Yesterday was a very busy day for me so I didn’t have enough time to reach the daily word goal. Hopefully tonight I can catch up.

As for the story it’s … happening. After introducing a million different characters and plot lines, I feel like things are starting to come together and I’ve nearly gotten into the central conflict and whatnot.

An Excerpt From This Week:

“This is a necessary strategy if we are to make the progress we need,” Cyrus said. “You may not believe me now, but I can tell you … I’ve been working for years studying anatomy, and I have made some miraculous recent discoveries. With your help, I could bring these discoveries to light. We could achieve something great, the two of us.”

Although Matthias was intrigued, another part of him argued that Cyrus was probably lying or insane––or both.

“Not to mention, I am willing to pay you handsomely,” the professor added.

“I don’t need the money.”

“Perhaps not. But surely, you must know someone who does.”

Cyrus reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment, which he pressed into Matthias’ hand.

“What is this?” Matthias asked.

“Some information I want you to have,” Cyrus said. “It’s a subject I’m interested in. A girl who was murdered the other night at Vauxhall.”

Matthias had heard some things about this murder. Now he glanced at the piece of paper and understood what the professor was hinting at. Written on it was an address of a graveyard, and a time.

“That’s where her funeral will be held,” Cyrus said casually. “If you decide to take my offer, I advise that you attend. Pretend to be a guest. Find out where she’s being buried. And that night …”

“Steal her body,” Matthias finished blankly. The parchment shook in his hand. “Professor, I can’t––”

“I’m only asking you to consider it. For me. For the future of humanity.”

And that’s a wrap on week three! How’s it going for you, all you fellow NaNo participants?

I know I promised a “how to catch up on NaNo” post and I still plan to write it! Hopefully it will be up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Also get ready for another Music Monday post tomorrow!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. ❤


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