Music Monday: 12/7/15

So, I know I skipped Music Monday last week––I had to do a big combo NaNo recap + WIPMarathon update, so it probably would have been a bit too much for one day, haha.

But I’m back this week with two songs for you guys. They’re quite different from each other, but they’re both wonderful songs that fill me with joy (and angst).

SHARKGRAVY – Chronic (As In Ceaseless)

Well, it doesn’t get much more hipster-y than this. I discovered this song thanks to the Indie Rock Playlist (which is where I find like half the music I listen to, honestly) and it’s a real hidden gem if you ask me. It’s a cute song about the ups and downs of being separated from your friends and being reunited with them again. It’s sweet and simple, and something about it really gets to me––I actually teared up listening to it in the car last night (I think because it makes me miss my college friends, haha). I haven’t been able to stop listening to it lately.

Joywave – Destruction

… And now for something completely different! While that first song makes me want to hang out with my friends and laugh and have fun, this song makes me want to go kick someone’s ass. Joywave is yet another band I discovered thanks to the IRP, and their latest album (How Do You Feel Now?) is super awesome. “Destruction” is the first song I heard from it, and it’s probably my favorite. It’s so dark and intense, I love the beat, I love the guitar solo towards the end, I love the eerie whistling … ahhh, it’s so cool.

If you would also like to participate in Music Monday:

• Every Monday, share 1-2 songs. It can be any genre, it can be something new or it can be an old favorite. Whatever you want!
• Share a music/lyric video of the song.
• Tell us some of your thoughts/feelings about the song, artist, and/or music video.
• Submit the link to your blog post at the bottom of Lauren’s post here (where it says “Add your link”).

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Music Monday! By the way, I’ve started a Spotify playlist of all the songs I’ve been posting, which I plan to update every week (although I will probably start a new one in 2016 … we’ll see). Also I plan on doing a special “Top Ten Albums of 2015” post on the last Monday of the year, so stick around!


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: 12/7/15

  1. That Sharkgravy song is one of the most hipster things I’ve heard in a while. 🙂 But it really makes me want to hear more of their music. I really like that Joywave song, too. I just heard Tongues on the radio the other day, and I liked it quite a bit as well. Thanks again for joining up! I’m looking forward to your Top Ten Albums post!

    1. Haha, right? Super hipster. But I love it nevertheless. 😀 They have a whole album available on Bandcamp and it’s very good! Ahhh I love Tongues a lot, too––it’s probably my second-favorite off the album. You’re totally welcome, and thanks for starting Music Monday. It’s so much fun!

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