Brigid Writes Things is now WordFare!

As you may or may not have noticed, the name of my blog has changed! What was once “Brigid Writes Things” is now called “WordFare”.

Why the name change?

I never really liked the title “Brigid Writes Things”. I always thought it was too boring/generic, and I don’t think it’s fun or attention-grabbing.

Not only did I want a more catchy title for my blog, but I also wanted to make it clearer that this blog is not just all about me. (Don’t worry, I’ll still post plenty of things about myself, though. *hairflip*) I wanted a new title that conveyed a broader sense of what the blog is about. It’s not just about me, but about discussing writing and helping other writers!

Why WordFare?

I’ve been trying to come up with a better blog title for a long time. I tried thinking of lots of clever writing-related puns, but nothing good ever came to mind––a lot of ideas I had were already taken, or they just didn’t “click”.

Then today, I was taking a walk and the phrase “WordFare” popped into my head as I was trying to think of blog titles. I like the sound of it––it kind of sounds like “warfare” but … not. So it’s kind of a pun, I guess … ?

But also, I looked up the etymology of “fare” (I’m a huge word nerd, sue me) and found out it’s derived from the Old English word “fær” which means “journey” or “road”. So, the combination of “WordFare” seemed like a cool title to me since it could be interpreted as like, a “journey” of words.

Hopefully you all like the new title, and I hope the transition isn’t too confusing!


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