WIPWednesday: 2/3/16

Hello lovely followers! I’ve been thinking about starting a new weekly meme: WIPWednesday. I already do WIPMarathon, a monthly writing progress meme. But lately I’ve been thinking it would help me to do a weekly writing progress post as well––partly to motivate myself, and partly to keep you all more updated on what I’m working on. And of course, anyone is free to join. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s WIPs!

So, here goes: my first WIPWednesday!


WIP: I Chose the Monster

Writing or Revising?: A little of both. Mostly I’m trying to finish the last couple chapters of my first draft. But I’m also starting to take notes on things I want to revise. Hopefully I will be deeper into revisions by next week!

Current Word Count: 151, 147

How It’s Going:

It’s going pretty well! I’ve been putting off writing until late in the evening, and I should probably stop that. At least I’ve been writing almost every day for the past week or so.

Right now I’m working on the very end of this draft. I thought I was on the last chapter, but it turns out I may have to split it into a couple more chapters (ugh). I really think I can finish this draft within a few days if I stay focused, though!

Goal for Next Week:

I hope to write every day this week, at least until I finish this draft. And then I want to start revisions!

An Excerpt From This Week: 

I’ve heard about the light at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn’t look how I imagined it. It looks almost florescent, as it dances in front of one of my eyes, and then the other. Too bright. Too false.

And then I start to realize I’m not dead, after all. I’m …

“… Alive,” a voice says. Not a voice I recognize.

My teeth are chattering. “Juliet?”

I can hear voices around me, murmuring something, but I can’t make out any of the words. It sounds almost like I’m submerged in water, and the sound keeps fading in and out … in and out …

I’m floating. … No, wait. Something––someone––is lifting me off the ground. Through my hazy vision, I catch sight of a woman’s face. And a man. Both of them in some kind of dark blue, baggy uniforms.

I want to scream at them, kick and fight, demand where they’re taking me. But I can’t seem to even make my voice work. My vision is going black again, just as I see a nearby vehicle––some kind of large van––and realize they’re about to put me into it.

That’s all, folks! If anyone else wants to participate in WIPWednesday, just let me know! Or you can just tell me about your WIP in the comments. 🙂 What are you working on? What are your goals for the week? 


36 thoughts on “WIPWednesday: 2/3/16

    1. Ugh, same! Even if I have time to write earlier in the evening, I always seem to put it off until really late. Lately I keep writing from like 11:30 to midnight. At least it’s something, but I’m always so tired by then! Maybe tonight I’ll have the motivation to start earlier.

      1. Well I kind of have to write at night b/c I have 2 girls and a husband who are all trying to get my attention at once. It’s so much easier to write at night. Though I love the mornings when my girls are either sleeping or in preschool and I can sit and write with a cup of warm coffee 🙂

  1. GAH sorry meant to post that other comment here:
    Hey I am already a part of another weekly meme of WiP wednesday. You are welcome to join in but if not I am MORE than happy to tag along with you and do both simultaneously. I already post mine weekly. If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link. https://keysandopenmind.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/www-and-wippet-wednesday-03-february-2016/
    But it’s TOTALLY cool if you don’t want to, I just wanted to offer. 🙂 Super fun though sharing WIP excerpts. I look forward to more of yours!
    Mine is posted up just today too if you’re interested

  2. I am working on going through and nitpicking every scene in my 2nd MS of the Second Chances Series. Visit my blog for more on that. Goals for the week. to establish all the word count for all chapters and find a fitting place to split the chapters with way too much word count. And change one of my character’s names and implement it into the first MS. Gah changing characters names is a pain. Particularly when you’ve completed the first MS.

      1. Yes I use find replace frequently. But you’re right something always messes up. A space or forgetting about nicknames. Blah. I have noticed that the newest version of Word I’m using find replace results in less mistakes than the older versions

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