#WIPWednesday: 2/10/16

So, I’ve decided I’m going to combine #WIPWednesday and #WIPpetWednesday and just kind of lump them together as the former. Sorry if this is confusing at all, but hopefully from now on it will be pretty straightforward!


Wait for it …

I finished the first draft of I Chose the Monster. FINALLY!!! 

It took me three years and it’s massively long, but I got through this draft at last––and hopefully this is the worst it will ever be. It can only go uphill from here, right? *Laughs nervously*

Anyway, on to #WIPWednesday/#WIPpetWednesday!

WIP: I Chose the Monster

Writing or Revising: Revising???? Although I haven’t really started yet.

Current Word Count: 154,347

Progress Since Last Week: 3,200 words

How It’s Going:

As I’ve already said, I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT. So, I’m really glad that’s finally out of the way. It took me a ridiculously long time, and a lot of starting and stopping along the way thanks to life/college, but I did it at last.

That said, I’m not going to let myself dwell in this accomplishment for too long. The current draft is a total mess and I need to tackle edits.

Honestly, I’m really overwhelmed by how much revising I need to do. I’ve tried to edit my own manuscripts in the past, but it’s always been kind of a bust. I get too frustrated and I’ve always ended up giving up.

To be fair, I wrote all but one of my previous manuscripts during high school––so I was quite inexperienced with editing, and I didn’t have much of a thick skin yet, so I was a bit resistant to make changes to my work.

Now that I’ve graduated college, I have a bit more experience/knowledge under my belt. I’m much more willing to “kill my darlings” and start things from scratch if need be. Hopefully that will help.

This is the first time I’ve really taken revisions seriously, so … wish me luck!

Goal For Next Week:

I’m currently making a list of all the chapters/scenes I’ve written of ICTM and starting to think about which ones I’ll want to keep and which to toss.

My other main problem is, the story doesn’t really have a central conflict right now. At the moment, I think it falls into the realm of “episodic storytelling” which I really don’t want. I want to keep a lot of the same characters and themes and whatnot, but the whole thing needs to be fleshed out more and have a more coherent plot. So, I want to start tackling that––or at least brainstorming about what I should do about it.

I also hope to still be doing some writing this week, even if it’s just a little bit. I started re-reading The Resurrectionists (my NaNo ’15 novel) this morning, and I’m thinking about continuing it from where I left off.

If I feel like I’m stretching myself too thin, though, maybe I’ll just focus on revisions. Guess I’ll just play it by ear.


This is my first time participating in #WIPpetWednesday and hopefully I understand the rules correctly! From what I’ve gathered, I think you’re supposed to post a snippet from your WIP that’s related to the date somehow.

Since it’s 2/10: I went to a random page, skipped the first 2 lines, and I’m posting the 10 lines that come after that. (It might not be 10 lines on WordPress but it is on Scrivener, haha.)

A heavy weight crashes into me from behind, knocking the breath out of me. Fingers dig so hard into my shoulder that I exclaim in pain.

“Nina …” It’s Juliet, slumping against me, gripping onto my shoulder. Her other hand is fixed against the back of her neck. Her breathing is labored, her eyes glassy.

Ice-cold panic runs through me. I have one arm around her, but it’s not enough. She suddenly drops like all the life has rushed out of her, and I only barely manage to keep her head from hitting the concrete.

“Juliet?” I shake her. Nothing. “Juliet?”

How about you guys:

  • How are your WIPs going? How has your progress been this week?
  • Do you have any advice to share about revising? (I desperately need it!)

27 thoughts on “#WIPWednesday: 2/10/16

  1. Welcome! Am I the first to comment? WELCOME! And you nailed the WIPpet math. You’ll do well here. Creativity is always nice.

    I know what you mean about being resistant to making edits. That’s why I never showed my work to anyone for years, and learning to take critiques (and professional edits, which were both better and worse) was a tough road. I like revisions, though. I think that’s where the story really blossoms. 🙂

      1. Thank you!! I’m looking forward to participating, and finding creative ways to use the date! 🙂 Haha exactly. When I was younger I basically just thought my writing was perfect so there was no need to change it. So when I “edited” I was usually only fixing typos and whatnot. Luckily, doing a lot of writing workshops in college helped me learn how to accept feedback and learn from it. I hope those skills will help me as I dive into edits!

  2. kathils

    Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first draft. Man, those things are HARD!!!! Good luck with the edits/revising/more edits/more… well, you know.

    Great WIPpet. Nice flow and lots of questions raised.

  3. your MS is LONG. Remind me what genre you write in? It’s like 2 of my MS combined LOL. But some genres are completely fine with that. You will likely be able to eliminate a massive amount of words through editing. My first MS went from 88,000 to 81,000. I would probably even suggest 2 books but AGAIN it depends on your genre. You might want to do some research to see what the ‘general’ word count is per genre. There are specific standards until you’re more established and then you can do whatever you want lol.

    Ok my WIP progress…I had to go through all the chapters and combine and break apart and it is kinda difficult. This is why I should use index card but I hate writing anything out by hand. However, I do use a great website called Supernotecard.com (might post a blog post about that site) I realize Schrivner is helpful in this respect, but I cannot get used to it. I have tried it twice. I’m thinking i might just buy it when I have more money because it is inexpensive in the whole scheme of writing programs anyway. I really like your WIP excerpt! It is well done for a NaNo rough draft (just IMO ‘shrugs” (It is so intense and I definitely want to know what in the world is going on! Hey, you use schrivner? how long have you used it? how do you like it?
    I”m excited to follow your excerpts

    1. Lol yes, I’m aware! It’s YA sci-fi. But yes, I’m aware it’s WAYYY too long right now. I think for debut YA the limit is usually somewhere around 70k-90k. My first drafts tend to be massively long, and then I cut them down in editing. I once cut a manuscript down from like 160k to somewhere around 90k, and I barely even cut anything out of the plot. I just ramble SO MUCH in my first drafts. 😛 For now I’m trying not to worry too much about it since my primary concern is strengthening the plot/characters, and I’m probably going to scrap and rewrite a lot of things. Depending on how it goes, I might decide to split it into multiple books––but that will be further down the road. 🙂

      Cool, I hadn’t heard of Supernotecard but it sounds helpful! Let me know if you do a blog post about it. Scrivener is a lot to get used to because it has so many aspects/tools, so I understand why a lot of people find it too overwhelming. But personally, I’m a huge fan of it! (I’ve been meaning to do a blog post about how I use it, since others might find it helpful.) I’ve used it for about four years, and ever since I started I have never turned back. As someone who does a lot of research, outlining, brainstorming, character sheets, etc. I find it REALLY helpful for keeping all of my notes in one place. Plus I just find it a lot more aesthetically pleasing than Word, lol. 😀 And thanks! Haha that was not from my NaNo, it was from ICTM … I probably should’ve made that clearer. I look forward to reading your excerpts as well!

      1. Woops sorry lol my bad. Well no wonder the exit was so well. I am very intrigued. Spongebob versus prisoner I heard people losing stuff in like it ruining their writing. I’m sure it’s fine. Trying new stuff is hard. Hey yeah I’m definitely do a blog post so I know about her past

      2. Man I hate posting from my phone. You should do a blog post so more people can hear about it. I was waiting to do a blog post so I can kind of try out a few different writing resources and tools and combine them into one post. Thank you for the info. I have been going through all of my docs and wip stuff and realizing how unorganized I am ha.

  4. I could give you so much advice on editing, but I think I’d rather send you some articles/blog posts on the subject b/c I tend to ramble and I don’t come across as very organized. Can you follow me on twitter??

  5. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! 🙂
    Congrats on finishing your first draft and good luck with revisions! 🙂
    Also, I would love for you to post a handy guide/review/anything for Scrivener. It would be super helpful 🙂

  6. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday. 🙂 Congratulations on finishing your draft!

    I wonder what happened to Juliet. Hopefully whatever hit her isn’t in hot pursuit. Being unconscious when you need to run is very inconvenient.

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