Random Tag!

I was tagged by Melanie Noell Bernard to answer a few questions about myself!

1. What is your favorite food?

Gosh, I don’t know. I love so many foods. I’m especially a big fan of breakfast food, though! Like, waffles. Bacon. Mmmmm.

Yes, I am actually Leslie Knope.



2. What are you having for dinner tonight? 

… I have no idea. It’s only 11:23 am and I don’t even know what I’m going to eat for lunch yet!

3. Who was the last person you emailed?

My new critique partner! She is kindly reading my barely-edited draft of I Chose the Monster. 😀

4. What sports do you do?

I have never willingly played a sport in my life.


(Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with Parks and Rec?)

5. Do you have any pet hates?

Okay so I don’t know what “pet hates” means but I’m going to assume it’s supposed to be “pet peeves”. In which case … Hmm, I don’t know. One of my biggest pet peeves is just people being closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s opinions. That really gets on my nerves to no end.

6. Do you play any instruments?

Kind of? 😛 I can play the guitar and ukulele very badly (I haven’t been learning for very long, and I’m mostly just learning from YouTube tutorials). I can also play like two songs on the piano, but I haven’t practiced in like a year.

I’m awful at tagging people––but if anyone wants to do this, just let me know in the comments and I will tag you. 🙂


Sarah at Write It Anyway



5 thoughts on “Random Tag!

  1. Speaking of tagging, can I nominate you for something else? It’s a “3 quotes in 3 days” challenge, where you write three blog posts — one for each of 3 consecutive days — about a quote you like or dislike, and you nominate 3 bloggers on each of the 3 days to accept the same challenge. You don’t have to make sure they commit to it; tagging them is enough. If you want to tag me back to answer the questions you answered in this post, I’ll get right on it, after day 3 of my quote challenge (just published my 1st quote post).

    1. Ooh yes, I’d be happy to do that! I’ve seen some other bloggers doing that challenge and it looks fun. 🙂 So yes, please tag me! And sure I will tag you back in this post. Looking forward to seeing what your answers are!

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