#WIPWednesday: 3/16/16

Hey guys! I must admit, WIPWednesday almost totally slipped my mind today. I’m having kind of an off day––I have this weird cold/allergies (not sure which) thing going on. Basically I have a terrible cough and my throat has been killing me, and I barely got any sleep last night, so I feel a little scatterbrained. But anyway, enough with the excuses and on to the WIP stuff!

WIPWednesday is a weekly meme started by yours truly, which I use to update my progress on my WIP(s). Anyone is free to join, of course!

WIP: I Chose the Monster

Writing or Revising: Revising

Progress Since Last Week: … *crickets chirp* Did not get much done on ICTM. I did a little brainstorming for it, but that’s about it. I did, however, finish re-reading The Resurrectionists, and I started to outline my book proposal for my BPL writer-in-residence application!

How It’s Going: 

ICTM – *shrugs* Things are still kind of up in the air. I’m still doing some light edits and getting a bit of feedback from CPs, but at this point I’m still not sure what changes I want to make, especially the big ones.

The Resurrectionists – As I mentioned last week, I’m considering working on this one a bit for Camp NaNo, but I still haven’t really decided. I finished re-reading what I’ve written so far, and while it’s definitely all over the place right now, I think it has some interesting stuff going on and I look forward to returning to it.


Goals For Next Week:

  • Edit at least one chapter of ICTM.
  • At least start my book proposal for the BPL application. I also have to submit a short book synopsis, so I should probably work on my synopsis of The Waters and the Wild as well.


#WIPpetWednesday is a meme started by Emily at A Keyboard and an Open Mind. All you have to do to participate is share a snippet of your WIP––and the snippet has to be related to today’s date somehow.

So, since today is 3/16, here is 3 paragraphs from Chapter 16 of I Chose the Monster.

Just as I start to follow her, she reaches the edge of the platform––and jumps. I watch as she disappears over the edge, and a second later I hear the thump of her feet––hopefully––hitting the ground. “This way!” she calls out.

The sound of her voice echoes through the empty station, and I go tense as it disrupts the silence. I look quickly over my shoulder, even though I know there are no Morts behind me.

I approach the edge of the platform and see the tracks a few feet below me. Juliet is already running along them, towards the pitch black mouth of the tunnel. I hang back, shuddering. No way in hell am I going in there. … On the other hand, I don’t think I can let Juliet go in there by herself, either. I’ve already been responsible for one death, and I don’t think I could bear to have another on my conscience.

Thanks for joining me for another WIPWednesday! Feel free to link to your own WIPpet if you posted one. 🙂


7 thoughts on “#WIPWednesday: 3/16/16

  1. Sorry you haven’t made much progress. Some weeks are like that. No worries. I usually do monthly to-do lists. My progress so far: I have had to actually go back to my first MS and rewrite some scenes because of some of the changes I made in the 2nd book. After making a timeline as well, I discovered some major inconsistencies (i.e. when the school semester starts here where I live plays a pivotal part, but there is literally a 5 week gap between the end of one semester and the beginning of the next. Something I completely neglected while writing)

    I like the excerpt you posted, it has the sense of intense and urgency.
    My WIP is here.

  2. I definitely understand weeks with little/no progress. Hopefully this week will be better for you.

    Nice snippet. I’m not sure I’d want to go in the dark tunnel either.

  3. Spooky in all the right ways! I’m poised on the edge, waiting for more….not to pressure you or anything!

    I’ve found that I have weeks with tremendous output (I’m having a good progress week for plotting this week, for instance), and times when I’m engaged almost totally in gathering input and simmering ideas.

    Most of the time, I’m somewhere in the middle.

    Maybe you’re like that too. At least you’ve got clear goals. That’s a key component. I wish you luck, progress, and patience as you untangle those plot issues, and move forward on your various projects.

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