Music Monday: 3/21/16

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can see her blog for the rules (don’t worry, they’re very simple!), and to link up to your own Music Monday post if you want to do one.

Happy Monday, everyone! Are your weeks off to a good start?

So it’s supposed to spring now, right? And yet this morning, IT SNOWED. UGH. *sobs* That’s right: a couple weeks ago it was literally 70˚ outside, and today it snows. What the hell, New England?!

Anyway, enough about the weather. It may be gross outside, but here are a couple of Music Monday suggestions to bring sunshine into all your hearts.


Bear’s Den – Above The Clouds of Pompeii

I randomly came across this song last week, and it captured my attention from the very beginning. I’d never heard of Bear’s Den, but they remind me a lot of Frightened Rabbit (another band I love) and I adore their sound. And the music video––oh goodness, get your tissues out. I love how simple it is, yet it still manages to pack a heavy emotional punch.

Matthew and the Atlas – To The North

I think I’d heard this song a year or two ago, but I found it again recently and fell in love with it. Unfortunately there’s no music video (not that I can find, anyway), but the song is lovely. I love the atmosphere of it; it has a mysterious and dreamy quality that makes me want to go explore the woods or something.


Thanks for joining me, and I hope you liked my music suggestions this week! Remember, you can check out my other Music Monday posts for more song recommendations. And if you have any songs to recommend to me, just let me know in the comments! 😀

UPCOMING: I know I haven’t done many writing advice posts recently, but I plan to do one this week. And the theme is … *drumroll* How To Title Your Story. Stay tuned!


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