Music Monday: 4/4/16

I can’t believe it’s already April! It snowed here the past two days, which has made me pretty upset. 😛 I WANT IT TO BE SPRING, DAMMIT. *Takes a deep breath* Well, hopefully the weather will warm up again soon. I guess we’re paying for having a pretty mild winter, haha.

Sorry I skipped Music Monday last week, but hopefully today’s two song recommendations will make up for it!

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can check out her blog to find the (very simple!) rules, and to link up to your own Music Monday post if you want to do one.


PVRIS – You and I

PVRIS (it’s pronounced “Paris” *shrugs*) is a three-piece rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts (very near where I live!!). They’ve been steadily gaining a loyal following, and it’s cool to see a local band gaining so much fame! I’m going to see them in a couple months, and I’m super excited. 🙂 Their songs usually have kind of a pop-punk vibe that makes me nostalgic for my teen years, but I also like the electronic/dubstep edge to this track, “You and I.” Plus, the music video has a lot of cool visuals.

Sheppard – Geronimo

I came across this song sometime last year, and it’s been one of my favorites since then. It’s really catchy and upbeat, and it always makes me feel happier. I also like the music video: it’s a little strange maybe, but it’s cute!

How about you guys? What have you been listening to lately? Do you have any song recommendations to add? Also, feel free to link me to your Music Monday post if you wrote one!


One thought on “Music Monday: 4/4/16

  1. Thanks for linking up this week! 🙂

    Geronimo is one of my favorites – I started hearing it last year, too, and they’ve started playing it at work recently!

    I really liked the sound of the PVRIS song – I’ll have to look up more of their work.

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