Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2016): Week One

It’s already a week into April, which also means that the first week of Camp NaNoWriMo is coming to an end. For those of you who don’t know, Camp NaNo is similar to the usual NaNoWriMo––except it takes place in April and July, and participants can set their own word goals and have a bit more freedom with the project they’re working on (that is, it doesn’t have to be a novel).


As I’ve mentioned, I’m using the month of April to continue working on The Resurrectionists. It was my NaNo ’15 novel, which I hadn’t worked on since November. At first I was a little nervous about diving back into it, but so far I think things have been going pretty well.

My goal for the whole month is to add 15,000 words to what I already have (which will add up to a total of about 65,000). So, that’s 500 words per day! You can learn more about the story here, if you’re curious.

Week One Progress Report:

Current WC/CC: 53,605 words / 21 chapters

Progress This Week: 3,105 words / 2 chapters

How It’s Going:

Not bad! Jumping back into the story has not been as difficult as I expected it to be––maybe because I was still thinking about the story and planning it, even in the months I was focusing on other projects.

During November, I found it useful to try a combination of outlining and pantsing. So for this month, I’m trying the same thing: I outline a little, but I try not to plan more than a couple chapters ahead. I’ve found that this way, it doesn’t feel like I’m trying to force the story in any direction. I’m allowing myself to just explore it, and it’s much more fun and surprising that way. Not only that, but the flow of the story feels more natural to me. It’s like using stepping stones to get across a river; once I’ve jumped onto one stone, I figure out how I’m going to jump to the next one––rather than trying to leap across the whole river at once.

As for my word goal, I’ve found 500 words per day to be very doable. It doesn’t seem too overwhelming, but it’s enough to make some good progress every day. I haven’t written anything yet today, but I only have to write about 400 words to reach my daily goal, so I’m not worried about it.

An Excerpt From This Week:

At last, she had let the silence last for far too long, and she felt herself weakening under Elmira’s desperate gaze.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I have to tell you the truth.”

“Which is what, exactly?”

“Which is …” She took a deep breath, willing herself to say it. “It’s true, what he said. You were dead.”

At that, Elmira shrunk back as if she’d been slapped. “But––But I’m not. I didn’t––” Her breathing started to go ragged. One hand flew to her chest.

Oh, no. Alarmed, Alice lurched to her feet again. I shouldn’t have said it. Now I’ve killed her … “Elmira?”

“I can’t feel my heart. Or … I can, but something’s not right.”

Alice felt the mechanical clicking in her own chest, and she drew in a deep breath as she tried to find the words to explain it to Elmira. At this point, she’d nearly forgotten what a real heartbeat felt like. If she reached deep into her memories, she could faintly recall it––the organic, heavy thudding of a human heart. What it felt like to be alive.

“I know it feels strange at first,” Alice said. “It took me months to grow used to it. But you will, in time.”

Elmira kept her hand against her chest, her brow furrowed. “So you’re saying you’re … This happened to you, too?”

“Yes.” To prove it, Alice drew the collar of her dress down slightly to reveal the scar that ran through her chest. She didn’t like to look at it, but she’d seen it often enough in the mirror to know what it looked like. After a year of healing, it was still very visible, but not quite as ghastly as it had once looked. It had faded to a white, puckered trail that ran from the hollow of her throat all the way to her stomach. After her own initial operation, she had been alarmed at how quickly it healed––but Cyrus had reassured her that it was normal.

Slowly, Elmira lowered her hand from her chest, and leaned forward slightly to stare at Alice’s scar. Then she leaned back again, looking away shyly. “What––What happened to you? To both of us?”

At the question, Alice tried not to wince. She didn’t like to remember her life before. As strange as this new life was, it was worlds better than where she had once been.

“We died,” she said simply. “And Cyrus brought us back.”

Thus concludes week one of Camp NaNo! Thanks for joining me, and I will update again next week. 😀

How about you guys? Is anyone else doing Camp NaNo? If so, what are your projects about?


4 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2016): Week One

  1. This sounds extremely intriguing!! Great premise. I”m curious to find out more. I”m a day behind you in Time Zones I believe, so my update for Camp NaNo should post tomorrow (12 – 14 hours from now??)

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