Music Monday 5/23/16 – Artist Spotlight: Birdy

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been rather absent lately and a bit inconsistent with my weekly memes. I was kinda busy during the past couple weeks, and as a result I’ve been a little scatterbrained and not very productive. But I will try to be more on top of things!

One bit of exciting news is that I am going to meet Maggie Stiefvater on Thursday. Omg I am SO SO EXCITED (and a little nervous because I always act like an idiot when I meet authors I greatly admire). I’ll be sure to write a post about it this weekend.

Anyway, on to Music Monday––a weekly meme hosted by Lauren at Always Me. The only rules are: 1) Every Monday, post 2-3 songs that you like, 2) Write a comment about them if you want, 3) Add a link to the post in the link-up on Lauren’s blog.

I’ve decided I want to try something a little different with my Music Monday posts, at least for the time being. I like how Lauren highlights a different artist every week, so I’m going to try the same thing.

My artist of the week is …



About: Birdy is the stage name of UK singer-songwriter Jasmine Van den Bogaerde. When she was only 14, she released a haunting cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” which made it to #17 on the UK Singles Chart. She now writes and performs her own songs and has released three studio albums.

Genres: Folk, pop

Albums: Birdy  (2011), Fire Within (2013), Beautiful Lies (2016)


I really love Birdy’s voice––it has such a powerful and ethereal quality to it that reminds me of other powerhouses like Adele and Florence Welch. And the fact that she recorded that Bon Iver cover at such a young age just blows my mind!

Thanks for joining me for another Music Monday! Feel free to link me to your own Music Monday post if you wrote one. 🙂


Music Monday: 4/25/16

Oops, it’s been three whole weeks since I last did a Music Monday post! I apologize for my forgetfulness; I’ve been a little scatter-brained lately. 😛

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. Check out her blog for the rules, and to link up to your own Music Monday post if you decide to do one!

Without further delay, here are my two music recommendations of the week.

Lydia – Georgia

I’ve been a Lydia fan since I was in high school. The band has gone through a lot of transformations since then––shifting band members, breaking up and getting back together, etc. As a result, their sound has also jumped around a bit, but I’ve always loved their music regardless. I recently discovered they’d released an album last year and I’d never heard about it for some reason, so that was a bit of a pleasant surprise! I’ve been listening to this album a lot recently, and it has a lot of good tracks on it. “Georgia” is probably my favorite, though.

Andrew McMahon – Synesthesia

This song came out a couple years ago, and I remember liking it back then. But I’d kind of forgotten about it for a while, and recently I “re-discovered” it and I’ve been listening to it quite a lot. Something about this song really speaks to me; I love the lyrics, and there’s something that feels very honest and comforting about it.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you liked my song choices! To see all my past song recs, you can check out my other Music Monday posts, or you can listen to this Spotify playlist.

Music Monday: 4/4/16

I can’t believe it’s already April! It snowed here the past two days, which has made me pretty upset. 😛 I WANT IT TO BE SPRING, DAMMIT. *Takes a deep breath* Well, hopefully the weather will warm up again soon. I guess we’re paying for having a pretty mild winter, haha.

Sorry I skipped Music Monday last week, but hopefully today’s two song recommendations will make up for it!

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can check out her blog to find the (very simple!) rules, and to link up to your own Music Monday post if you want to do one.


PVRIS – You and I

PVRIS (it’s pronounced “Paris” *shrugs*) is a three-piece rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts (very near where I live!!). They’ve been steadily gaining a loyal following, and it’s cool to see a local band gaining so much fame! I’m going to see them in a couple months, and I’m super excited. 🙂 Their songs usually have kind of a pop-punk vibe that makes me nostalgic for my teen years, but I also like the electronic/dubstep edge to this track, “You and I.” Plus, the music video has a lot of cool visuals.

Sheppard – Geronimo

I came across this song sometime last year, and it’s been one of my favorites since then. It’s really catchy and upbeat, and it always makes me feel happier. I also like the music video: it’s a little strange maybe, but it’s cute!

How about you guys? What have you been listening to lately? Do you have any song recommendations to add? Also, feel free to link me to your Music Monday post if you wrote one!

Music Monday: 3/21/16

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can see her blog for the rules (don’t worry, they’re very simple!), and to link up to your own Music Monday post if you want to do one.

Happy Monday, everyone! Are your weeks off to a good start?

So it’s supposed to spring now, right? And yet this morning, IT SNOWED. UGH. *sobs* That’s right: a couple weeks ago it was literally 70˚ outside, and today it snows. What the hell, New England?!

Anyway, enough about the weather. It may be gross outside, but here are a couple of Music Monday suggestions to bring sunshine into all your hearts.


Bear’s Den – Above The Clouds of Pompeii

I randomly came across this song last week, and it captured my attention from the very beginning. I’d never heard of Bear’s Den, but they remind me a lot of Frightened Rabbit (another band I love) and I adore their sound. And the music video––oh goodness, get your tissues out. I love how simple it is, yet it still manages to pack a heavy emotional punch.

Matthew and the Atlas – To The North

I think I’d heard this song a year or two ago, but I found it again recently and fell in love with it. Unfortunately there’s no music video (not that I can find, anyway), but the song is lovely. I love the atmosphere of it; it has a mysterious and dreamy quality that makes me want to go explore the woods or something.


Thanks for joining me, and I hope you liked my music suggestions this week! Remember, you can check out my other Music Monday posts for more song recommendations. And if you have any songs to recommend to me, just let me know in the comments! 😀

UPCOMING: I know I haven’t done many writing advice posts recently, but I plan to do one this week. And the theme is … *drumroll* How To Title Your Story. Stay tuned!

The Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hello everyone! I know I already posted earlier today, but then Giovanna at Book Coma tagged me in the Playlist Shuffle Tag, and I figured: it’s still Music Monday, right? 😉 So, here we go!

The Rules:

  • Put your music on shuffle.
  • List the first 15 songs that come up (no cheating)!
  • Tag 10 others to do it as well.

My Shuffled Playlist

1. “All Eyes On Me” – Goo Goo Dolls


2. “My Name Is Eustace” – Benjamin Dunn And The Animal Orchestra


3. “Guns Out” – Young The Giant


4. “Valtari” – Sigur Rós


5. “Sleeping With A Friend” – Neon Trees


6. “Young Lion” – Vampire Weekend


7. “Drive” – Halsey

Press Pick-up Shoot

8. “Fight For Everyone” – The Leisure Society


9. “If Then” – General Ghost


10. “18 With A Bullet” – I Blame Coco


11. “Consider The Sea” – VersaEmerge


12. “New Earth” – Zerbin


13. “Demons” – The National


14. “Julian” – Say Lou Lou


15. “Fire” – Jake Bugg


Thanks again to Giovanna for tagging me––this was a lot of fun!

I am terrible at tagging people, but if anyone wants to do this then feel free to do so, and you can say I tagged you. 😉

Music Monday: 3/14/16

Happy Pi Day! π π π

And happy Monday! Who’s ready for some sweet new tunes?

Music Monday is a weekly meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can check out her blog for more info, and to link up to your post if you decide to do one. The only rule is that you share a couple of music recommendations every Monday, and maybe a few thoughts about why you like the song/video.

So, here are my music recs of the week!


Magic Man – Paris

I first heard of Magic Man because they’re a local band, and it was love at first listen. I believe this was the first song of theirs I ever heard, and it became an instant favorite. I never get tired of it! Plus, the music video is visually stunning and has some cool dancing. What’s not to love? 🙂

Saint Raymond – Letting Go

I have been so addicted to this song lately! I’ve been really impressed with Saint Raymond since I heard his first EP, and his debut album, Young Blood, has a lot of very catchy tracks. This one is my favorite, though. It’s such a hopeful song, and I feel like I need that optimism in my life right now!


How about you guys?

  • What did you think of these two songs?
  • What songs/artists have you been listening to lately?

You can look through all my Music Monday posts here. Also, all the songs I have recommended this year are in this playlist!

Music Monday: 3/7/16

Music Monday is a meme started by Lauren at Always Me. You can check out her blog to view the link-up of all Music Monday posts––and to link to your own Music Monday post, if you want to join!

Without further ado, here are my two music recommendations of the week.

Grimes – Kill V. Maim

I’d been meaning to get into Grimes for a long time, since I’ve been hearing a lot about her for years. Recently, I came across her latest album Art Angels, and I’ve really been hooked on it for this last week or so. “Kill V. Maim” is probably my favorite track on the album––it’s highly energetic and delightfully weird. Plus, the music video is really interesting and has a kind of video-game/apocalypse vibe. (Warning: in case blood makes you squeamish, there is some blood in the video.)

Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn

Last week I shared a song by Jónsi, who I mentioned was also from the band Sigur Rós––so I figured I should share a Sigur Rós song this week! “Brennisteinn” (which means “sulfur”) comes from the band’s seventh and most recent album, Kveikur, which has a darker and more industrial sound than their previous albums. This song always gets me in the mood to write something intense, even if I don’t speak a word of Icelandic. 😉

How about you guys?

  • What did you think of my song choices this week?
  • What songs have you been listening to recently?

Music Monday: 2/29/16

Happy leap day! An extra day to be productive, right? … Just kidding, I’m probably not going to get anything done. But hey, it can’t hurt to be optimistic!

It’s Monday, and you know what that means: another round of Music Monday! This week I’m bringing you two old favorites that always make me feel hopeful and inspired.


Arcade Fire – Wake Up

This is a pretty classic favorite for me, from Arcade Fire’s debut album Funeral (which is now like 12 years old, wow). I adore the lyrics of this song, and it just has such a “soaring” sound to it. Arcade Fire is one of my all-time favorite bands, and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It always makes me feel nostalgic and emotional.

Jónsi – Go Do


If you recognize the voice, you may know Jónsi Birgisson from his very famous Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós (which is a band I also love!). His debut work is slightly lesser-known, but his album Go is one of my absolute favorites (and definitely worth checking out if you need some atmospheric music for writing). “Go Do” is a beautiful song: the lyrics are sweet and inspiring, and the instrumentation is really innovative in my opinion.

There was a point like three years ago when I listened to this song NON-STOP. Like seriously, I remember walking between classes and just listening to it on repeat. I discovered it at a time in my life when I’d been kind of depressed for a while, and it always made me feel a little better. It still does.


Hope you enjoyed my music choices this week! To check out my previous music recommendations, you can look at my other Music Monday posts. Or you can listen to my Music Monday playlist on Spotify.

If you would also like to participate in Music Monday:

• Share 1-2 songs. It can be any genre, it can be something new or it can be an old favorite. Whatever you want!
• Share a music/lyric video of the song.
• Tell us some of your thoughts/feelings about the song, artist, and/or music video.
• Submit the link to your blog post at the bottom of Lauren’s most recent Music Monday post (where it says “add your link”).

Music Monday: 2/22/16

Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to NYC (again) with my family, and I finally got to see my first Broadway show! (My mom, sisters, and I saw “Fun Home” and it was amazing.) We also went to the Natural History Museum, which I’d never been to before, and it was so cool. Over all it was a fantastic weekend, and much better than the last time I went to New York city. 😛

It was about a 5-hour ride to and from the city, so I listened to a ton of music in that time! If you have any long car trips ahead of you, here are a couple of tunes you might enjoy.


Lisbon – NATÏVE

Just came across this one a week or two ago, and I’ve been hooked on it since then. It’s a fun, catchy song and it keeps getting stuck in my head.

Purity Ring – Flood On The Floor

I’d been meaning to listen to more Purity Ring after hearing a couple of their songs, and recently I finally got around to listening to their album “Another Eternity”––and I’m so glad I did! This is the standout track for me: it has a big and powerful sound, a great beat, and a mysterious vibe.


If you would also like to participate in Music Monday:

• Share 1-2 songs. It can be any genre, it can be something new or it can be an old favorite. Whatever you want!
• Share a music/lyric video of the song.
• Tell us some of your thoughts/feelings about the song, artist, and/or music video.
• Submit the link to your blog post at the bottom of Lauren’s most recent Music Monday post (where it says “add your link”).

Music Monday: 2/15/16

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fun weekend. I honestly didn’t do much besides stay inside and watch movies (although I did go to IKEA, which was fun!). It was bitterly cold here, but it’s slowly getting warmer again.

On to my two music recommendations of the week. I found both of these songs through Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” feature. (If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a personalized playlist that updates every Monday based on what you listen to. It’s really neat!)


Ash Gale – Sweet Release Devour

This song is absolutely gorgeous! It has lovely vocals, and very dreamy, ethereal instrumental parts. The last minute of the song in particular is really powerful. I love it, and I’ll definitely be waiting eagerly for more music from Ash Gale.

MILCK – Devil Devil

Man, I love how dark and epic this song is! This is a really promising debut from new artist MILCK (aka Connie Lim). She has a powerful voice that lends itself well to the dark tone of the song––kind of a Lana Del Rey style, but with more attitude.


So, what did you think of my song selections? And what have you been listening to lately? I’d love to know!

(P.S. I have an ongoing Spotify playlist of all my song recs!)