About Me

Hello! I’m Brigid, a 23-year-old aspiring author. Besides writing my interests include reading, listening to music, drawing, playing the ukulele and guitar, attending concerts, and drinking lots of coffee.

I almost exclusively write YA fiction, but in a variety of subgenres. I don’t have any books published yet, but hopefully that will change eventually.

This blog is mostly dedicated to writing advice and updates on my writing progress. Every Monday, I also post about music.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and have a lovely day!

(Note: In case there’s any confusion, this blog was formerly known as Brigid Writes Things.)

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. BGH, Thanks for the kind follow. I’m afraid that I reached the saturation point for the time being in terms of the 300 – 400 WordPress email alerts that I get daily, so I have to refrain from mutual follows for the time being.

    I thought your cover art was great, BTW. I’d really value your opinion on this when my new non-fiction book comes out next month.

    Best of luck with the writing.

  2. Brigid,

    Best of luck with the work in progress. A general comment from snooping around your site. It is hard to stay motivated. Life always seems to get in the way, the bad news is that life will get more busy in the future.

    The good news is I absolutely love your approach to your work. I love a strong female character. I love when a strong woman writes strong character driven stories. And I cant wait for my daughter to start reading YA novels. She is currently nine and I look forward to some high quality work to hit the shelves when she is old enough. I hope your book becomes one of her favorites.

    Stay motivated and good things will happen, I know it in my heart!

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  6. Hey I am already a part of another weekly meme of WiP wednesday. You are welcome to join in but if not I am MORE than happy to tag along with you and do both simultaneously. I already post mine weekly. If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link. https://keysandopenmind.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/www-and-wippet-wednesday-03-february-2016/
    But it’s TOTALLY cool if you don’t want to, I just wanted to offer. 🙂 Super fun though sharing WIP excerpts. I look forward to more of yours!
    Mine is posted up just today too if you’re interested

      1. I don’t know your preferences but be sure to check about me sections with people you visit. That will give you an idea of what they write about. Also like I said no pressure. I like the way you set yours up. I am thinking of starting a fiction Friday thing bur I’m sitting on the idea for now

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  9. Hi Brigid! Just curious how the switch from Blogger (grrr!) to wordpress went? I’ve said some special words to Blogger a few times, and was just wondering if there was greener grass on your side of the bridge?

    1. Hey Jen! It’s been a long time since I used Blogger, so I’m not sure exactly what the differences are nowadays. But from what I recall about using it, so far I’ve had a much better experience with WordPress. In terms of aesthetics, I feel like the available themes are more appealing. I also just find it more user-friendly over all. Plus it has a dashboard feature with a feed of all the posts from the blogs you follow. Not sure if Blogger has something like this now, but it’s one of the things I really like about WordPress. It’s a lot easier to keep track of blogs you follow, plus you get notifications about new follows/comments/likes. Hopefully that answers your question? 🙂

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